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April 2015

Hi! I feel very sad because I have just looked through my blog and I have not done a post since 2013! I thought that was a long time ago and I decided to write about how busy I have been!

Along with my busy timetable, I have also done a whole lot of workshops. I have been going to the RAD associates and I am finding them very fun to do! I hope they do them next time as well! I also did go to London to do a ballet workshop with the royal ballet! It was historical dance and we learnt a very long fun dance. I did that with the Junior associates. I have been doing the junior  associates for 2 terms now and I think I am really improving my skills! I am going also on a train soon to London with my Mum and we are going to eat a lot of jammie dodgers for some reason! I am going to miss school on that day so I am very excited! I am going to see a pre-general rehearsal of the royal ballet doing La Fille Mal Gardee! I am very excited. They do a clog dance in it. Fredrick Ashton choreographed I think. But I really love it!

Right now I am doing lots of rehearsals for three festivals! I have to sew ribbons on my shoes! I have been practising and I think I am actually quite good at my dance! I probably won’t win a prize at the festival because I am not wearing a tutu and my dance is not very festivally! When I am older I most certainly want to be a ballet dancer when I grow up!

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Newest news!

It has been a whole year since I wrote on my blog And I decided to write something about ballet! I have had my Junior associate classes and am on holiday. I can’t wait to go back! I am on holiday from all ballet now.  A couple of weeks ago I had the most exciting day of my life. It was on Saturday the 6th. I went to Bristol to get….. my pointe shoes!!! I love my pointe shoes. The ribbons are really hard to tie. The bit that hurts most is the ribbons. You have to tie them really tight and it pinches against your skin. Another exciting thing is that I am going with the Junior associate’s to London for a day to have a tour around covent garden or something like that. I also applied to go on a RAD associate class. Ther are only four of them but I thought it might be fun. I got a place in that so now I going to do that along with my busy timetable.

I also did my Grade 3 exam. I don’t know what I got yet. For my Grade 2 exam I got distinction with 84!

I love ballet so much and I will try to keep on writing on my blog!

In this picture I am swaying in my favourite dance. I am on the far end an I look very little.

In this picture I am swaying in my favourite dance. I am on the far end an I look very little.

In the picture above my brother is giving flowers to someone. (And the person getting the flowers is not me!)

In the picture above my brother is giving flowers to someone. (And the person getting the flowers is not me!)

I love ballet because…..

I love ballet because it includes acting and dances and you can think that the costumes are going to look quite funny on you but if you look in the mirror you look amazing. I love learning new dances and just having fun! Ballet makes you stronger in many ways and my ballet teacher says that to be a good dancer you have to be strong and clean. You can look at the word clean in many ways. Like you have to often smell nice and be clean and you have to look clean and just dance very cleanly. In some dances you have to be sharp and crisp but in others you have to be flowing and elegant and look gentle.

My Timetable.

Monday. On Monday I have three classes. The first class is called Inter foundation A. My teacher calls it proper ballet. I love it because there are so many different dances. (I think there are 25 dances to learn and then dance). I also have a show class called Repertoire 2. I have loads of different dances to learn but they are not proper proper classical ballet. They are fun and there is way more learning to do. Like now I am learning the two pigeons. I also have another Repertoire class but it is a level up so it is Rep 3.

On Tuesday I have grade 5 and its my sisters ballet class and I love this class because it is challenging.

On Thursday I have My Grade 2 class which is fun but it can get harder. Once I had to dance a solo in character which is a bit like tap. Well actually only the shoes are alike but tap shoes are silver on the bottom and character shoes just have black or brown. Character is probably my favourite sort of dance. In this video I am dancing my Grade 2 character dance.

I also have my inter foundation class. But that is just the same as on Monday.

On Saturday I just have my Grade 2 class. That is basically what I do. I would be so unlucky if I didn’t like ballet. Yeah so that is that and I love ballet!

In this video I am the dancer who leads the circle and it is from the First of May.

Exciting News!

I am going to do a ballet exam on Saturday 30th November. I am so excited! Also in May or June I am going to audition to be a junior associate of the royal ballet school. And in December I have got my first rehearsal of the two pigeons! I find nearly everything exciting!


17 thoughts on “My Ballet Page

  1. Wow, you’ve worked so hard on this, can u give me some suggestions for a page or posts. I’m thoughtless at the moment. You look so beautiful and graceful, when you’re dancing.
    Keeeeeeep Dancing, Megsx

  2. This is fantastic, Maddy! It’s taken me an age to look at it but now it’s the last day of term (hurrah!). Unfortuntately the video clips don’t work at school but I’ll definitly look at them at home before I see you at Christmas…can’t wait.
    Love you heaps,
    Aunty Lucy

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