Now, there is one thing i have to say. It is not like a big spludge it is a blondie and chocolate brownie thing mixed together.I didn’t know what i was making and mum said that it would taste like sludge or it would taste like fudge so i called it spludge.


Here is how you make it.

You will need eggs, butter, vanilla, white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, flour, brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder.

Get a bowl and put it over a saucepan with boiling hot water.


Cut the butter up into pieces and put them in the bowl. Then get the chocolates and break them into pieces if your fingers are big enough.


Of course I didn’t make mum break it into pieces for me …


and I didn’t take a bit of chocolate …


I just acted normally.


Get a spatula and melt the chocolate over the boiling water with the butter. When you have done that for bit you dump the sugar in and vanilla.


Mix it until it is smooth. Take the bowl off from the boiling water and let it cool a bit. Break to large eggs into the bowl and whisk it together. I couldn’t find the whisk thing or a fork because of the builders so I used a knife. I added in the flour, baking powder and baking soda and mixed together. This is when mum said it looked like sludge. I said “thanks mum you are really encouraging!”

Spludge it out into the baking tray and slap it down a bit. Then you may Shove it into the oven until it is ready. Take it out and leave to cool in the tray on a wire rack.





Cut it into squares.


This is how it tastes. At the first bite I took it tasted like the dark chocolate then the milk chocolate on another bite and the next bite it tasted like white chocolate and then it goes in that order over and over again.



4 oz butter
200g /7oz brown sugar, packed
200g mixed chocolate
2 eggs
2 table spoons of vanilla
250g/9oz plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
¼ teaspoon baking soda

Pre heat oven to 350f/180c

Butter a 12x8x2 inch baking tray.

In a saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. Stir in brown sugar, white chocolate and dark chocolate till melted and smooth remove from heat and cool 5 mins.

Whisk in eggs, and then remaining ingredients in order given.

Bake for 25 to 30 mins.

Cool in the baking tray on a wire rack.

sweet salad

For my cross curricular challenge at school we had to invent something and I invented the sweet salad.



We got given these big blue books to write our ideas in.


I was going to do a chocolate ganache with sweets in but I had better plans yet. While I was watching an evensong I had an idea that instead of just being some chocolate with sweets I would make it like a trifle. It was one of the best ideas I had and this is what I did!



I made a normal cake and cut it into pieces. I put the pieces squashed down to the bottom of the knickerbocker glory glass and then I put quite a lot of gummy bears on top of the cake. I then got some raspberry jelly and put it on top of everything. I then put everything into the fridge for an hour or so.



I got it out of the fridge and made some lovely chocolate ganache and poured it on top of everything.



yummy (2)


I then got some fudge and cut it into loads of tiny pieces and pushed them into the middle of the ganache. I then used some smarties to put on the top.



The next day I took them into school to show everyone for the cross curricular challenge. Everyone thought it looked really tasty and that the chocolate was fake. But I knew it wasn’t!

When I was in the car waiting I tried some of it. Like all of the things I do it was fantastic! Although I did think that there was too much chocolate ganache and gummy bears and the glass was to big but that did not matter.

my first blog

Hello! and Hi! my blog is about new inventions that could do really awesome stuff including making new sweet ideas like my sweet salad! I love inventing things!